New book out

My friends have been telling me for years that the story of how I met my husband and my children is a story that needs to be told. For twenty-nine years, I resisted their pleas, insisting that I wasn’t ready to tell it because I was still living it.

You may have guessed that something happened to change my mind:  My oldest son got married in October of this year.  In June I began to draft a toast for the bride and groom to be read at the wedding reception. The writing flowed.  As I proofread my text, it occurred to me that I had a lot more to say. Why not write the book now as a legacy to my three men? And so I got to work, sitting at the computer every day for several hours, without incurring any rigidity. (I saw that as a sign that I was supposed to take advantage of this window of opportunity.) The book was finished in September.

While I was writing, I hardly painted. Every so often I took out a canvas and applied thick slabs of paint in bold colors on the surface. I missed the physicality of painting. But I was totally immersed in writing, which engaged the other side of my brain. It was as if I needed to tap into my L-hemisphere for a change.

Now that the book has been published I have resumed my activities as a visual artist. I have a few paintings hanging at Overlook Hospital in Summit, part of a group show by the Contemporary Art Group. The exhibit ends January 6, 2018.  And last week I started my Genuine Art project at the Madison Montessori School, an annual fundraiser that promotes artistic collaboration between artists and students aged 2 to 6. Every year the children study a different country and explore a given theme. Under the guidance of local artists the children participate in the creation of a project that relates to the subject matter. The featured country this year is Scotland, and the theme is “Imagine.” What an auspicious combo! Dragons, unicorns and pastel colored sheep weave in and out of the misty Scottish landscape, shaping a story that would only make sense in that part of the world.

I feel the winds of change. It is early yet, but I have committed to do an exhibit in 2019 that is supposed to bring smiles to my viewers’ faces. This will represent quite a departure from my dark, intense, and brooding abstracts. I might make a few detours along the way, but change is a great motivator for me. You will not find me sitting in a pool of stagnant water, waiting for inspiration to strike. Onwards with the next project!

The book, A Tale of Two Infants, is available online at the Apple Bookstore.

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