Monthly Archives: December 2016

Hearty thanks to my followers

I call you ‘followers’ but that doesn’t mean that I lead. I could have chosen ‘fans’ but find it a tad pretentious. You are my viewing public, arbiters of authenticity rather than trends, and above all, dedicated to the multiple reincarnations of my art.

For that, I thank you.

For your generous patronage, I am grateful. And (dare I say it?) somewhat surprised. After all, I am entirely self-taught. I plod along, determined to continue on this path which seems to be so right for me. Of course, I am plagued by the occasional self-doubt, as when I worried that you, my viewers, would not like my latest abstract paintings.

The opening of the exhibit at the Lundt-Glover Gallery in Chatham on December 11 was a measurable success (just like the operation a year ago). Having fully embraced my illness and its relationship to my art, I look forward to a year of experimentation, directional shifts, serendipity.  I live for the small pleasures of a life formerly lived at maximum speed and efficiency, leaving me unable to appreciate its modest rewards. The beauty of life, as I see it, lies in the endless possibilities it offers to reinvent ourselves. In other words, anything is possible. The French, who tend to be wordy, have a saying that succinctly captures that sentiment:  Impossible n’est pas français!  

Growing up with that rhetoric, what choice did I have but to accept that premise?