Monthly Archives: November 2016

Preparing for my next exhibit

Last year around this time I was prepping for brain surgery. My medical clearance requirements included lab work, an EKG, spine MRI, as well as a three-hour long neuropsychological test.

This year, I am preparing for my solo exhibit. What that entails, besides creating the artwork itself, is the physical act of framing and wiring the paintings, sorting them, tagging them, pricing them, hanging them, updating material for publicity, sending out promotional postcards, putting up flyers and posters, submitting information about the exhibit to the local press, hiring musicians for the opening, and devising a menu for the reception.

Two very different undertakings. One fraught with risks, the other pretty much risk-free (unless we face inclement weather and nobody shows up).

Why, then, do l feel nervous? I love doing art shows. Participated in a dozen or so exhibits in the past two years. But here I am, contemplating the possibility that I will forget something, run out of time, or worse, run out of steam–i.e., find myself having mobility issues.

Well, if I do, so be it. That is the other part of me, the part that I have learned to accept, to embrace even. But truly, between the meds and the electrical stimulation, I should be fine, and moving at my usual fast pace.

The exhibit runs from December 11, 2016 until March 10, 2017.

Before and After the Operation: The Evolving Art of Monique Hendricks

Lundt-Glover Gallery

Chatham Township Municipal Building

58 Meyersville Road, Chatham

Opening Reception: Sunday, December 11, 2016 from 2 – 4 pm