Inspiration strikes

Last weekend I went to the Genuine Art auction at the Madison Montessori School, the crowning event of the immensely popular fundraiser for the MMS scholarship fund.  I was fortunate to be one of ten artists to have completed projects with the students on the subject of “Home Sweet Home” and the featured country of Mongolia. The room brimmed with artistic flair, whim and innovation. What better locale to inspire an artist who, at the moment, is flummoxed and adrift in a sea of possibilities? I was inspired by two pieces. One, titled Home To Me, was a table with colorful relief sculptures made of tiles by the participating children in answer to the question: When you think of home, what do you think of first? (artist: Mel Tomaszewski with Tyler C. Merson). The other, a painting entitled High Altitude Wind by Sandy DeCristofaro, I found particularly intriguing. It was a somewhat abstract representation of Mongolia.  Luckily, the artist was there to explain it. A messy project, Sandy conceded, but the children were happy to get their hands dirty in order to experiment with color (a vibrant shade of blue) and form (hexagons suggesting connectedness).

That is the beauty of art. After solitary toiling, mingling and connecting.  Navel-gazing leading to looking outward. Ideas springing forth, plans materializing, life rebounding. Finding your center, your core, your genuine self. Having seen those two works of art inspires me to try my hand at mosaics and experiment with mixed media.

Thank you, Madison Montessori, for being a source of inspiration in my quest for a new direction.


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