To tweet or not to tweet…

"Musée d'art moderne" (2015)

“Musée d’art moderne” (2015)

… that is the question.

  • So far I have held off on joining Twitter or Facebook. But lo and behold, last night at the opening reception for the Childhood Memories themed exhibition at Zufall Health Center in Dover (NJ), a lovely young woman who works at the Center asked if she could take a picture of me next to my artwork, “Musée d’art moderne,” to put on Twitter.  I said yes, of course.
  • Now I must decide whether or not to sign up. Do I really want to communicate in shorthand? The world of Twitter is an abbreviated world, and as much as I like shortcuts in other areas of my life (the road, the kitchen), when it comes to writing, I prefer the longhand version, which is why I have a blog.
  • A few words about “Musée d’art moderne.” It’s a mixed media piece–the imaginary museum made out of paper cutouts, and the art inside painted in acrylic.  At the bottom of the picture, towards the left, you can see my mother holding my hand as we head for the entrance of this awe-inspiring repository of treasures. The museum itself symbolizes my early introduction to the world of modern art, and my fascination for the bold, colorful works of the Abstract expressionists. My mother, a marvelous interpreter of art, used to linger and deconstruct, tilting her head, taking a few steps back, while my approach lacked nuance: I either loved a painting or hated it–there was simply no in-between. I owe my passion for modern art to maman, who recently passed away at the age of 98.
  • The miniature paintings hanging on the walls of my imaginary museum are mostly my creation, with a couple of nods to famous artists: Calder, Pollock, Mondrian.  The challenge here was to keep my painting hand steady (I have Parkinson’s), and to avoid sudden movements that would mar the design.
  • So, if your travels bring you in the vicinity of Dover, go check out the exhibit at 18 West Blackwell Street. The offerings, skillfully displayed  by curator Nicole Okumu, will dazzle you with their originality.

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