About the cutouts

In découpage, the paper is no longer the recipient of art, but becomes the art form, the Gestalt, itself.

The idea for a cutout begins with a fleeting vision of two or more colors. Thus color is what drives the process; form will follow. The more spontaneous I am, the better it will be for the end product. In other words, the optimal juxtaposition of colors will come to me provided I don’t try to conjure it up. Any attempts at forcing a design to be born will be met with failure. That may sound harsh.  After all, aren’t artists supposed to have a vague idea of what they want to create? Maybe. All I know is that for me, during découpage, the left side of my brain–analytical, logical, numerical–has to go into sleep mode while the right side unleashes my creativity.

Inspiration strikes at random. It could be triggered by glimpses of a dog wearing a bright orange bandana, the pattern on a woman’s dress, summer fruit in a colorful bowl.  Color surrounds me, engulfs me, nourishes me. Form, like scaffolding, gives the cutout structure.

Thirteen large cutouts I made recently–among them Femme au chapeau–are going on display at the Kemmerer Library in Harding Township near Morristown on June 18.  Come and enjoy the show!






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