New direction


The Chase. © 2015 Monique Hendricks

I am very much into paper cutouts these days. Semi-abstract, cubist leanings. Mostly poster size, but also smaller. Favoring bold designs and bright colors.

Where color meets form and whimsy is born, the tagline for my other website,, was chosen long before I discovered the joys of découpage. Color + form, form + color: those are the pillars of visual art. Using a brush to delineate form or applying pigment to determine color is thrilling when I paint on canvas. But I find the art of découpage even more exciting right now because it connects me, on a visceral level, to my medium: the paper itself. Dazzling discards (I keep even the smallest bits for future projects) fill an oversize bin that sits on the floor next to my worktable. My hand dips into this treasure chest and pulls out scraps of every shape, color, and texture which will be reshuffled and reutilized, eventually morphing into a piece of art.

Is it art?

You be the judge.

Panda, © 2015 Monique Hendricks

Panda. © 2015 Monique Hendricks



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