New paintings

That’s right. I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs, eating bonbons while watching reruns of the Odd Couple, in case you wondered. I do consume an inordinate amount of ice cream daily. But after reading that the House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has a bowl of dark chocolate ice cream every morning for breakfast, I feel I’m in excellent company. In the same vein, my devotion to peanut butter raises my profile among the literati: the late William Buckley Jr. was nuts about peanut butter too. Who would have guessed? I can picture Bill savoring a châteaubriand, not pedestrian peanut butter.

Nutrition thus covered, we move on to the nurturing of the soul. I am presently working on a new series entitled Animals with an Attitude, and experimenting with gouache, pointillism and mixed media.


Elephant (2015)

Praying Mantis (2015)

Praying Mantis (2015)

Urban Hopper

Urban Hopper (2015)

Enough said. Let the paintings speak.

One response to “New paintings

  1. And here I was feeling so proud of myself for largely conquering my ice cream addiction! Perhaps my energies should have been directed otherwise.
    The elephant particularly speaks to me – I feel its motion, its e-motion, so strongly.