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Thank you for coming

Funky Tower (2013) SOLD!

Funky Tower (2013)

To all of you, dear family, friends, fellow artists, patrons of the arts, thank you for coming to the opening of my solo exhibit at the Lundt-Glover Gallery in Chatham this afternoon. Your presence alone was a gift; your kind comments in the guest book compel me to increase production. While the artwork was mine, credit for the artistry of the culinary display goes to my friend Wendy, who traveled from England to help set up the exhibit. As for the sweet sounds of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” wafting through the atrium, they came from flautist David Hogenauer’s lyrical instrument (thanks, Dave, for giving me goose bumps).

I am grateful for your support and hope to see you in 2015. My canvases await. I must run.