On Labor + Art

I don’t want to belabor the point, but Monday is Labor Day and that brings up all sorts of reflections.

The reason I haven’t posted anything in weeks is that I have been laboring on my new career as an artist. I participated in two shows so far, both of which required labor-intensive strategies that produced excellent results: I sold six paintings. In two weeks my artwork will be displayed at another group show and in December I have my first solo exhibit, featuring twenty-seven paintings of landmarks and scenes from around the world, a labor of love.

The business of art—unlike the making of art—is a laborious undertaking. But having to labor in the name of art does not deter me from pursuing this line of work. For years I viewed my art as an extension of my creativity, nothing more.  Now that it has become my profession—without the usual pangs of labor that accompany a career change—it fits like a glove.

This Labor Day, tap into your own creative side. You do have one. Everyone does. Yes, I’m sure. You’re welcome.





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