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Wisdom du jour V

georgebernardshaw385438I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit tired of regurgitating Epictetus, only to discover that we haven’t learned a darn thing in two thousand years.

Let’s cross over to the wit of the Irish– as, for example, George Bernard Shaw’s.

I just may have to use that quote in my next workshop on communication (if I remember to communicate to potential attendees that there will be a workshop).








La Copa del Mundo: all bets are on


My youngest son is a devotee of fútbol and an ardent follower of La Copa del Mundo. He is, among other things, analytical, very well informed, and often correct in his predictions. His take is that the finalists will include Belgium, Holland, Germany and Brazil, with Belgium leading as the favorite.

According to my son,  Belgium will be truly unstoppable in four years!

Exciting times ahead! Watch this space for more revelations!


The sensational Jane Ira Bloom

Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone & live electronics, alto sax

Track #9: RAPTURE OF THE FLAT, from the album MODERN DRAMA (Columbia – FC40755, 1987)  






World Cup 2014: Allez, allez, allez, allez!




Have you seen the hotties on the Swiss National team?







Giralda Music & Arts Festival


The 2014 Giralda Music & Arts Festival will take place on Sunday, June 22, at Giralda Farms, Route 124 in Madison, NJ.

Gates open at 4 pm.  Get your picnic spot!

Art show (I will be displaying some of my recent paintings, along with other artists), poetry tent, hula hoops, children’s activities, book readings and signings, raffle, etc. — outdoor fun for the whole family from  4 – 8 pm.

Concert starts at 6 pm. There will be music for all tastes: Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Mozart, followed by a Sinatra salute, a Jersey Boys medley, and other musical selections, all performed by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

For more information, please visit





Chocolate Striptease


 A visual presentation of Pierre Marcolini’s superb assortment of artisan chocolates, a hand-delivered birthday present from my dear Belgian friend Katrijn, who has since relocated to Vietnam with her family.

Music by Brazilian pianist and singer Eliane Elias (Kissed by nature © 2002 BMG).


© 2014 Monique Hendricks. All Rights Reserved.

Fatherhood, revisited

credit: pinterest/

Credit: Amber Cusack, Pinterest

In the course of my life I have met fathers of every ilk, starting with mine, a brilliant man, scientist-cum-artist, who, lacking the ability to engage with non-adults, left the childcare to my mother while retaining veto power. My father and I had our share of conflicts, stemming in part from his desire to mold me into his own image and my resistance to it. But his shortcomings as a father didn’t prevent me from loving and admiring him. The turning point in our relationship occurred when I finally realized he could never be the father I wished him to be, which left me with two options: accepting him the way he was, with his strengths and limitations, or avoiding contact with him. I chose the former, and by the time he died we had resumed a warm, if not profound, relationship.

Rumor has it that women instinctively know how to be mothers whereas men need role models in order to be good fathers. That is a lot of hooey.

Fast forward to the father of my children, my current husband. This is a man who did not have the benefit of role models (his mother died shortly after giving birth to him and his father remarried, leaving his son to be raised by relatives), and yet when I met him, a widower with two infants to take care of, he knew how to be both father and mother to them. The sight of this grown man feeding his babies, bathing them, changing their diapers, reading them bedtime stories as if it were second nature to him moved me and made me fall in love not only with the father, but with his precious sons as well. We got married a year later and I immediately started the process of adopting the boys.

So, on the day set aside to celebrate fatherhood, let us remember the nifty little cliché: Where there is a will, there is a way. Fathers who want to be good at parenting don’t need to rely on role models to achieve success in that domain. If they can find, within themselves, the resources to be good fathers, they will be.  The key is not to seek perfection–which, in any case, is unattainable–but to remain unwavering in their commitment to fatherhood.