Home Walk Fire (????) by Rosemarie Schiller

Home Walk Fire © by Rosemarie Schiller Fine Art

Many of my friends are visual artists. Just like books need to be read and music needs to be heard, so do visual art creations need to be seen.

I greatly admire Rosemarie Schiller‘s smoke-fired clay sculptures, particularly her installation “Migrations.”  It speaks to me on several levels: migration = movement, moving, motion, emotion, emigration, immigration, transmigration, transhumance, transit, transience, transformation, change.

Walking? We take it for granted. We lift one foot and the other one knows what to do. No need to have a conversation about it because the body-brain connection is there. Let’s get those neurons firing. Ready, set, go! The lady wants to walk.  Neurons to the rescue! Data in, data processed, data transmitted, NEXT! And all that, mind you, in less time than it takes to put a period at the end of this sentence. There.

Cherish your feet.  They are agents of change.





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