Spring forward!

Believe it or not, there will be an end to the snow, the cold, the slush, the ice, and Old Man Winter will be tossed aside, replaced by the much more attractive Queen of Spring.

What does “spring” conjure up for you?

The warming of the air, the earth, and the people who populate it? Flowers blooming despite the ravages of winter? Birds chirping at the return of foliage and food?

For me, spring is all that, plus the arrival of sweet, ripe, luscious strawberries at the supermarket. The tasteless berries sold during the winter months look like they were injected with botox–maybe they were. (I must aim to reduce my carbon footprint by learning to control cravings for out-of-season, out-of-region produce.)

Spring heralds new beginnings, i.e., change and transformation. Spring also testifies to the constancy of nature’s life cycle, such as the change of seasons. For the time being, in the man-vs-nature debate, nature still has the last word.

These photographs celebrate the beauty of nature, as captured by a nature-loving (is there any other kind?) Englishwoman.


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